SPEEDCARGO collaborates with Microsoft to disrupt air-cargo & logistics industry

SPEEDCARGO announces collaboration with Microsoft to disrupt air cargo and logistics industry with advanced 3D vision technologies


see how SPEEDCARGO is transforming legacy workflows for dnata Singapore leading to improved productivity, optimized resource allocation & increased utilization of the airline capacity.


an integrated system for digitization,

flight optimization & digital cargo handling

a suite of innovative products

digitize cargo

optimize capacity

automate handling


applicable across all modes of logistics

air freight

sea freight

land freight

instant, accurate dimensioning

CARGO EYE captures accurate dimensions and images of incoming cargo in real-time, and seamlessly integrates data into existing warehouse management systems.


maximizing capacity, optimizing yield

CARGO MIND is an a.i. software solution that plans for optimal cargo space utilisation in seconds, while adhering to regulations and business constraints.


automated cargo handling



CARGO ARM is an automated actuating system for reliable and consistent handling of high-mix and high-volume cargo shipments.


“Piloting this technology in Singapore is part of our wider innovation programme to enhance services and scale our operational efficiency” 

- Alex Hungate, president and CEO, SATS



“Other than improving our cargo handling productivity, SPEEDCARGO will also fundamentally re-design cargo handling jobs and allow cargo handlers today to work even longer into their careers.” 

- Dr Lam Pin Min, Senior Minister of State

Keynote address at SAAA - IATA Air Cargo Day, 08 November 2019