instant, accurate dimensioning

CARGO EYE captures accurate dimensions and images of incoming cargo in real-time, and seamlessly integrates data into existing warehouse management systems.

high performance dimensioning

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per scan




throughput per hour*

*with a two-forklift cargo movement system


instant dimensioning


prevents under-declaration and allows for uninterrupted workflow

digital cargo​ records

for verification of insurance claims and traceability

seamless integration​


API-based data integration to existing warehouse management systems

versatile installation

adaptable to a variety of applications and environments

creating value for everyone


prevent revenue loss due to under declaration

better quotation and planning

ground handlers

improved speed of acceptance

enable higher value services to customers

shippers & forwarders

save time and effort with auto cargo declaration

avoid back charges down the line

enable end-to-end digitisation of cargo handling at the warehouse


verified by industry leaders


technical specifications


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