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TUMCREATE is a research platform for the improvement of Singapore's public transportation, including the deployment of electric and autonomous mobility. Researchers from Technical University Munich and Nanyang Technological University join forces and are funded by Singapore’s National Research Foundation as part of the Campus for Research Excellence And Technological Enterprise (CREATE).

TUMCREATE is made up of over 100 scientists, researchers and engineers led by Professors from the Technical University of Munich and Nanyang Technological University.

It produces a detailed and accurate digital fingerprint of incoming cargo in real-time, using the most advanced 3D camera system for acquisition of geometry and image. It goes beyond state of the art by capturing non-standardised labels and material information of the cargo in addition to its dimensions, weight and center of mass of a box.


The user interface can be handled by a worker after only single day of training. CARGO EYE can be connected to any database or inventory management system for persistently storing the captured information to be used for planning and handling. 


3D measurement & reconstruction

full 3D model for advanced structural analysis and detection of damage 

modular & scalable

highly configurable to integrate with existing infrastructure and workflow

CARGO EYE can be integrated with

moving conveyor

automatic detection of

labels & materials

capture important information to improve packing optimization