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TUMCREATE is a research platform for the improvement of Singapore's public transportation, including the deployment of electric and autonomous mobility. Researchers from Technical University Munich and Nanyang Technological University join forces and are funded by Singapore’s National Research Foundation as part of the Campus for Research Excellence And Technological Enterprise (CREATE).

TUMCREATE is made up of over 100 scientists, researchers and engineers led by Professors from the Technical University of Munich and Nanyang Technological University.


It is an artificial-intelligence-based software solution that guarantees optimal packing results at any given time. It ensures that all aviation safety regulations for pallet packing are met, while providing the operator a flexible planning tool to maximize profit. 

In addition the system is able to re-plan a pallet at any given time within the process to accommodate any last minute modifications; for example, a new cargo shipment needs to be accommodated on an existing pallet that has been partially built. CARGO MIND also enables the structural build-up of the pallet by planning collision-free motion trajectories for the robot.







complete digital representation of the entire system

fast and optimal packing plan adhering to aviation regulations 

automatic adaptation based on demand forecasting

high resolution digital documentation of every action taken 

digital twin

of workspace