intelligence for cargo sales

CARGO MIND is an a.i. software solution that plans for optimal cargo space utilisation in seconds, while adhering to aviation regulations.

multiple ULDs planned in one click

plan cargo in multiple ULDs simultaneously, with results delivered within seconds.

smart, comprehensive planning in seconds

constraint-based planning maximizes ULD volume utilization while ensuring plans are fully compliant to regulations and your needs

maximize utilization

best possible fitting plan for the available cargo volume

DG segregation


plans are fully compliant to IATA regulations for dangerous goods 

priority allotment

ensure allotment for high-value, time critical cargo or cargo from special customers

ULD/cargo stability


plans ensure center of gravity of the ULD stays within limits

visual. communicative. understandable.

interactive 3D viewer makes it intuitive, understandable,

even to the untrained.

real-time capacity optimization for flights

deeper insight into the utilization of the flight capacity for dynamic response

quality build-up using CARGO MIND + assemble

visual instructions for executing build-up of plans generated by CARGO MIND

Assemble is a CARGO MIND plug-in, which auto-generates build-up instructions for each planned ULD.


Instructions provide workers with visual guide and necessary information for easy retrieval and placement of cargo.

+ assemble


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